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Biphenol F

BPF; BPF 170 Resin
Phenol, 4,4‘-methylenebis-;
CAS No.: 620-92-8
EINECS: 210-658-2
Molecular Formula: C13H12O2
M.W.: 200.23
BPF is used in the manufacturing of plastics and epoxy resins.
It is used in the industry as a way of increasing the thickness and durability of materials.
Its use in this way is important in the production of tank and pipe linings, industrial floors, road and b ridge deck toppings, structural adhesives, grouts, coatings and electrical varnishes.
BPF is also utilized in liners, lacquers, adhesives, plastics, and the coating of drinks and food cans.
Another use for BPF is in dental materials, where it can be found in restorative materials, liners, adhesives, oral prosthetic devices and tissue substitutes.
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